It's commonly known that bathrooms can be a key selling point in a home. When deciding where to spend money on a home renovation, upgrading the bathroom is usually a pretty good choice. It adds value to the home, when done correctly. 

My clients don't always have the budget or desire to do extensive renovations before putting their home on the market. That doesn't mean, however, that an outdated bathroom can't be made more presentable to help the home show better. There are a few things you can do to help out a bathroom that might otherwise be a strike against the home when being evaluated by buyers. 

Most times, the biggest drawback to an older bathroom is size. The ideal bathroom, particularly for the master suite, is much more spacious than a few decades ago. Unfortunately, actually enlarging a bathroom is usually not an inexpensive proposition. If my client doesn't want to put that money in, I have a few things that will make the bathroom show as bigger than it is. 

1. Let in the light!  A dark bathroom will look small and gloomy. Let in as much natural light as it's practical. Change the bulbs in the light fixtures to bright LEDs. The brightness will not only make the room more cheerful but also seem bigger. 

2. A new color.  Repaint the walls and ceiling. Dingey walls will call attention to the small room. A fresh paint job will have the opposite effect. It will make the bathroom look better AND bigger!

3. Reduce clutter. This is advice I give my clients for their entire house. But it's a great way to make the bathroom seem more expansive. There shouldn't be anything on the sink counters but a soap dispenser. Clean looks sell. 

4. Clear the floors, too. Put any rugs or bath mats away until you need them.  A clear, open floor will make the place roomier. 

Of course, these hints don't only apply to current sellers. You can do these things to improve the home you're living in, as well. Stay tuned in this blog for other hints and tips for preparing your home to show to its best advantage. 

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